GCP Identity

  • The Global Consciousness Press.org website is the property of Deaver Thomas.

GCP Purpose

  • The Global Consciousness Press.org website is a public service meta-website (a web site which organizes links to other websites).   The Global Consciousness Press.org website is dedicated to helping visitors identify and access internet based news media providing in-depth, independent news and current events analysis which is alternative in focus to standard mainstream news sources.

  • The GCP web site is non-partisan, and does not endorse any public office candidate or political party.
  • The GCP website includes links to websites pertaining to progressive thinkers and public office candidates to expose GCP users to viewpoints and policy positions which are underrepresented in the mainstream press.
  • The GCP is a not for profit organization.  
  • The GCP web site's product links are direct to the owners and the publishers of the materials.  GCP & the  owner of GCP (Deaver Thomas) receives no commissions for any transactions resulting from the purchase of materials found by using the GCP web site. 

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