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Media Education Foundation



Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear, & the  Selling of the    American Empire



More than airplanes were hijacked on 9-11-01.  Learn about how the Neoconservative Bush Administration used the 9-11 opportunity to hijack American domestic & foreign policy, and ultimately all of America at Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear, & the Selling of the American Empire.  Includes truly remarkable interviews. 


Louder Than Words,  LLC


Loose Change


Loose Change exposes the lies of the official 9-11-01 story.  Indeed, this film reveals the evidence for the actual events surrounding the devastating “attack”.                                              * What demolished the World Trade Center?     * What crashed in Pennsylvania?                        * What penetrated the Pentagon’s defenses?  Find out from Loose Change, perhaps the best film investigation of 9-11-01 thus far.                   To view an amazing debate between the producers of Loose Change and detractors from Popular Mechanics magazine on this DVD, visit Democracy Now! 


The Independent   Institute


Understanding America's Terrorist Crisis


Gore Vidal discusses his book “Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace” & has a conversation with four respected academicians on the 9-11 tragedy, terrorism, & the U.S. administration’s reaction to 9-11.  Funny & provocative, Understanding America's Terrorist Crisis is a fine compliment to Gore’s books “Dreaming War” & “Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace”. 


Free-Will Productions


The Oil Factor:         Behind the War on Terror


This investigation concerning the connection between western oil profits and the U.S.'s terror war is a must see experience.  The film includes an astounding report on U.S. involvement with the Mujahideen, the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and Osama bin Laden.  This journalistic masterpiece, narrated by Ed Asner, can be found at Free Will Productions.


Michael Burns


Preventive Warriors:     A documentary on the National Security Strategy of the Bush Administration


Could America’s “War on Terror” or “War of Terror” just be an excuse to militarize U.S. foreign policy to “maintain…American [global] preeminence”? Discover in the “National Security Strategy” the neoconservatives’ dangerous & audacious plan for U.S. foreign policy at                                             Preventive Warriors: A documentary on the National Security Strategy of the Bush Administration.



John Pilger



                      Breaking the Silence:    Truth and Lies in the War on Terror


Compare the Bush Administration's position on the Terror War with the facts that the Bush Administration will not and can not admit.  Ask for GCP's special price of $29.95 for personal use copies at                      Breaking the Silence: Truth and Lies in the War on Terror.


Free-Will Productions


Hidden Wars of    Desert Storm


Hidden Wars uncovers the devastation of the Iraq embargo & the reality of the 1991 Gulf war on Iraq. This movie provides an excellent historical context for the conditions facing Iraq prior to the post 9-11 war on Iraq.  The film includes an essential review of U.S. involvement with Saddam Hussein.                              Narrated by John Hurt.  You can find this DVD at Free Will Productions.  Just scroll to the second item to find Hidden Wars.


Arab Films   Distributution


About Baghdad


Discover the broad and complicated opinions regarding the American military occupation of Iraq from Iraqis on the streets of Baghdad.  Baghdad residents recount Iraqi history and current conditions approximately six months after the occupation began. Discover who at that time in Iraq supported the U.S. occupation and who did not, and why.                    About Baghdad establishes a distinct baseline for measuring changes in the mood of Baghdad residents from the beginning of the occupation to the present.


Media Education Foundation


Peace, Propaganda,    & the Promised Land


Peace, Propaganda, & the Promised Land explores the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from the perspectives of U.S. mainstream media critique, U.S. foreign policy responsibility, and on the ground Palestinian experience.  Peace, Propaganda, & the Promised Land includes extra footage, maps, additional resources, as well as numerous full-length interviews & short films on 2 astounding DVDs.


Arab Films   Distributution


Jenin Jenin


Jenin Jenin recounts the history and current conditions of Jenin residents, during and since the Israeli Defense Force’s (IDFs) military demolition of Jenin.  Jenin Jenin provides an in depth study of the lifecycle of Israeli occupation by dissecting in detail the path of repression and subjugation of the single Palestinian community of Jenin.


Arab Films   Distributution


Until When...


Until When… more broadly explores the experiences, fears, & hopes of Palestinian refugees from around the west bank.  The events covered in this film concern the occupation and rebellion during the current, second intifada.  Until When… provides a cross section of Palestinian life under occupation by interviewing four refugee families currently residing in the Dheisheh Refugee Camp outside of Bethlehem.



Media Education Foundation




Reel Bad Arabs:      How Hollywood Vilifies a People



Explore the ubiquitous stereotyping Arabs & Muslims receive from U.S. moviemakers.  Reel Bad Arabs demonstrates how Arab & Muslim people are portrayed in U.S. children’s, comedy, & action films.  Marvel at the disturbing origins of the U.S. film bias in similar racist and anti-Semitic propaganda films from early 20th century Europe.


Tom Coffman


Arirang:                        The Korean American Journey & The Korean American Dream


Explore the under reported history of Korean migration and the depth of Korean & Korean American aspiration with this unique film.  To purchase Arirang as well as other films and books from the producer, contact Tom Coffman.  For more information on Arirang, or for related educational / teacher's supplies, visit Arirang: An Interactive Classroom on Korean Americans.


Incite Productions


Seoul Train


Seoul Train explores the rarely documented plight of North Korean refugees.  The ongoing North Korean famine is imposed as political punishment on North Koreans who do not support Kim Jong-il’s regime.  Consequently, North Koreans are fleeing to South        Korea, Japan and China.  The situation is particularly  dire for those North Korean refugees who successfully enter China.  If discovered in China, the refugees are immediately deported to North Korea where they face imprisonment, torture and death for their attempt to gain an opportunity for mere survival.   Visit the web site Seoul Train for more information and to purchase the DVD.


Roberta Grossman


            Homeland:                Four Portraits of    Native Action 


Homeland: Four Portraits of Native Action illustrates the Amerind environmental degradation resistance movement.                                                               Portrait #1: Northern Cheyenne resist coal strip mining & natural gas extraction in Montana.                    Portrait #2: Gwich’in livelihood is threatened by oil drilling in Alaska.                                                        Portrait #3: Navajo struggle to prevent uranium mining in New Mexico.                                                        Portrait #4: Penobscot fight paper mill pollution in Maine.                                                                           This film well compliments 500 Nations & Plan Columbia.  Ask for GCP's special price of $29.95 for personal use copies at Homeland.


Viví Letsou                 John H. Smihula & Andrés Thomas Conteris


Hidden in Plain Sight


If you think Abu-Gareb is atypical of how the U.S. military treats people in "third-world" nations, think again.  Open the doors to the most notorious torture training facility in the U.S. by watching                    Hidden in Plain Sight.


Free-Will Productions


Plan Columbia


Drugs for Oil?  This film reveals the relatively unknown U.S. Government “Plan Columbia”.  Justified as a war on drugs, this investigation illuminates the real conditions as Plan Columbia continues to encourage the Columbian government to operate the drug market, using the pretext of drug law enforcement to oppress Columbia’s poor majority all the while securing Columbian natural resources (including oil) for U.S. consumption.  Narrated by Ed Asner.  You can find this DVD at Free Will Productions.  Just scroll to the third item to find Plan Columbia.


Jim Sanders


The Real Thing:     Coca, Democracy &   Rebellion in Bolivia


The Real Thing points out the folly of the U.S. drug war against coca farmers in Bolivia.  The ineffectiveness of the western neo-liberal model is exposed as the film explores coca eradication, alternative development, counter terrorism, Bolivian prison economy, and a counterproductive drug war as  a pretext to oppress Bolivia’s poor majority all the while securing Bolivian natural resources (including oil) for U.S. consumption. The Real Thing features a fantastic indigenous music soundtrack.  Also, the film complements “Plan Columbia” and “500 Nations” quite well.  


Free-Will Productions


Peru: Between the Hammer & the Anvil


Peru = The poor majority population of Peru.            The Hammer = The communist Shining Path rebels. The Anvil = The fascist Peruvian government.  This extraordinary documentary explores the 15-year war between Peru’s competing political structures and the painful and all too often fatal result suffered by the severely impoverished Peruvian people.  You can find this DVD at Free Will Productions.  Just scroll to the fourth item to find Peru: Between the Hammer & the Anvil.


Alan Snitow &      Deborah Kaufman




Thirst chronicles important efforts to resist public water privatization in Bolivia, India, Japan & the United States.  This documentary is not narrated, but rather tells its story straight from the participants involved in the struggle to control public water.  The DVD clearly demonstrates that issue is so universally threatening that it crosses cultural and political boundaries.  Thirst is a must see experience for all. Ask for GCP's special price of $29.95 for personal use copies at Thirst.


Media Education Foundation


Big Bucks, Big Pharma: Marketing Disease & Pushing Drugs


Big Bucks, Big Pharma investigates a crisis that is poorly covered in the U.S. media: the irrepressible political & economic influence of the mega-corporate pharmaceutical industry.  This film exposes pharmaceutical advertising’s reliance on techniques that mislead viewers into considering pharmaceutical use as normal & even glamorous.  Discover how pharmaceutical corporations encourage T.V. stations to run infomercials to convince consumers that they may require brand name medicines to treat fictional illnesses. Narrated by Amy Goodman.



The Electric Wallpaper Company


End of Suburbia:         Oil Depletion & the Collapse of the American Dream


What happened to the gas prices?  What happened to the gas?  What is Peak Oil and how can it affect you?  Find out from "End of Suburbia: Oil Depletion & the Collapse of the American Dream".



Nuclear Policy  Research Institute


Nuclear Deception: Nuclear Power & Children's Health


Find out just how dangerous nuclear power is.  “Nuclear Deception” explains how nuclear power threatens all human life.  This film also demonstrates the capability of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power to provide clean and plentiful electrical energy as a viable alternative to the hazards of nuclear power plant emissions and nuclear waste.  Nuclear Deception contains rare and amazing footage of the Chernobyl and Three Mile Island disasters.  


Magnolia Productions


Control Room


View a non-mainstream angle on Al Jazeera's coverage of the United States war on and occupation of Iraq at Control Room.


Media Education Foundation


No Logo: Brands, Globalization, Resistance


No Logo explores how corporations have adapted to increasingly negative public perceptions of capitalism & globalization by imbuing themselves with branded identities to assimilate the masses.  The film presents the controversial consumption of public space by corporate advertisement as maximizing the indoctrination of all consumers by brand bombardment; the increasing elimination of consumer choice as indicative of ownership consolidation; and the degradation of work conditions & employment opportunities as the predictable outcome of neo-liberal globalization.  Ultimately, the brands and their symbols have become targets of protesters who resist neo-liberal globalization. 


Media Education Foundation


Rich Media, Poor Democracy


Gain an in-depth comprehension of how media consolidation impairs and threatens democratic processes.  In Rich Media, Poor Democracy Robert McChesney & Mark Crispin Miller describe how the pressure to constantly increase profits in the newspaper, radio, and television news industries motivates advertisers & shareholders to pressure news firms to weaken investigative content and define many topics as off limits.  Consequently, while the quality of information degrades as the news becomes more sensationalist, the ability of news media to adequately inform audiences is minimized beyond the extent necessary for the maintenance of healthy & effective democracy. 


Media Education Foundation


Advertising &              the End of the World


Advertising & the End of the World illustrates the destructive and potentially irreversible impact that the contemporary consumer lifestyle is having on the planet.  Featured in the film, producer Sut Jahally convincingly argues that certain global doom is inevitable during the 21st century if humans do not act immediately to redirect our global economy and individual consumptive behaviors.


Media Education Foundation


Toxic Sludge is Good For You


Discover the deceptive an invisible intrusion public relations firms have made into nearly all aspects of contemporary public communications.  Distressingly, even news has become ever increasingly infiltrated by public relations culminating in the contemporary video news release.  Toxic Sludge is Good for You illustrates how public relations propaganda has been used for nearly a century to market wars, restore damaged corporate images, and maximize the acceptability of unpopular goods & policies.                               Narrated by Amy Goodman.


Noam Chomsky Hegemony                     or Survival: America's Quest for Global Dominance  

In this most lucid, well contemplated & deftly written expose of the predicament caused by the Bush administration's U.S. foreign policy, Noam Chomsky strikes home again.  Hegemony or Survival leaves little doubt that the current foreign policy stance is in fact an extension and continuation of the cold war U.S. foreign policy.  This is a most advisable read.


Dan Briody


The Iron Triangle:          Inside the Secret    World of                        the Carlyle Group


Explore the single most authoritative source of information on the topic of the Bush Administration's immense conflicts of interest due to involvement with the infamous military contractor leverage buyout specialists.  Search for "Iron Triangle" at                 Wiley & Sons.                                                       Perhaps you want it fast! Although you are strongly encouraged to read the book, you can hear from Dan, Steve, and other experts and get a good gist by watching a 48 minute internet movie.  See      Exposed: The Carlyle Group ASAP!


James M. Collier &   Kenneth F. Collier


Vote Scam:                The Stealing of  America


At Vote Scam all American voters will be surprised by the history of U.S. election rigging.




David Fromkin





A Peace to End All Peace:                        The Fall of the    Ottoman Empire and  the Creation of the Modern Middle East



Read this superb analysis of the western involvements, strategies, alliances and battles surrounding World War I.  The outcome enabled the west (particularly Britain and France) to literally carve up the "Middle East" via artificial boundaries to benefit the west and resulted in the present situation.  This book is three parts unbelievably well researched history and 1 part riveting addictive factual drama.  Search for "A Peace to End All Peace" at Holt Books.


George Monbiot


Age of Consent:            A Manifesto For a    New World Order


George Monbiot's insights into our current geopolitical condition in Age of Consent are valuable to all.


John Perkins


Confessions of an Economic Hit Man


John Perkins insider account of U.S. machinations to dominate the Earth are truly astounding.  Confessions of an Economic Hit Man exposes America's successes at extorting non-European nations worldwide to serve U.S. economic and military interests through a process which is initiated by placing unreasonable debt on target nations.  John Perkins' experiences in Ecuador, Indonesia,  Panama, Iran, Saudi Arabia, & Columbia as well as his observations regarding Venezuela & Iraq demonstrate the process in the most enlightening fashion.  If you read only one book this year, make it Confessions of an Economic Hit ManThis is the most important book recommended by GCP, Inc.  To watch an amazing interview with John on his book, visit Democracy Now!


Kevin Phillips


American Dynasty: Aristocracy, Fortune, and  the Politics of Deceit in the          House of Bush


Discover the secrets of the Bush family values through their 100 year history of involvement and influence in military contracting and the creation of the intelligence industry from one of the most respected republican analysts since the Nixon Administration at      American Dynasty.                                                          To watch and listen to Kevin tell you about Bush family history, improprieties, scandals, conflicts of interest, and prevarication view Kevin's speech concerning       A Multigenerational Family of Fibbers.


Sheldon Rampton & John Stauber


Mad Cow U.S.A.


Read about how the American slaughter industry is literally cannibalizing the American food supply at     PR Watch.


Sheldon Rampton & John Stauber


Weapons of Mass Deception:                 The Uses of Propaganda in      Bush's War on Iraq


Also at PR Watch are critical analysis and disturbing facts concerning how the mainstream American news media and the Bush Administrations have been using distortion, misrepresentations, and lies to delude the American public and enable the advancement of Bush Administration policies.


Scott Ritter


Iraq Confidential:       The Untold Story of the Intelligence Conspiracy to Undermine the U.N. and Overthrow   Saddam Hussein


Expert details and disturbing insight are the hallmarks of this story of intrigue and deception.  Read it from the pen of the U.S. military officer responsible for the U.N. weapons inspections of Iraq's arsenal throughout the decade prior to the 2003 U.S. war and subsequent occupation of Iraq.  Iraq Confidential draws the reader to the logic that the 1991 U.S. attack on Iraq never ended.  Instead, it continued with a decade of withering sanctions, while the U.S. disingenuously  "cooperated" with the U.N.'s Iraq weapons inspections, eventually completely betraying the inspections just as they were proving Iraqi compliance.   The 2003 war commenced immediately afterwards. 


Howard Zinn A Peoples History of  the United States Rediscover America, This time from the perspective of the underdogs.                                                           Learn about the colonial conquest of America from the perspective of indigenous Amerindians;  Find out about American freedom from U.S. slaves;  Uncover the untold truths of the class struggle, the labor movement and female suffrage from American women....all this and much more rich and novel analysis of this nation's troubled history at                     A Peoples History of the United States.